Become a Sponsor

Want to increase your exposure at the Conference and contribute to a great cause? Become a Conference Sponsor! Check out our great sponsorship options below and sign up for what works best for you. Our sponsorship levels for any category are as follows:

  • $100 – $499: BRONZE SPONSOR
  • $500 – $999: SILVER SPONSOR
  • $1,000 or More: GOLD SPONSOR



Sponsorship Categories:



Eagle Sponsor: $1000, Includes 4 golfers & a $5,000 Hole-In-One sponsorship

Birdie Sponsor: $500, Includes 4 golfers & a Hole sponsorship (Includes Sign)

Par Sponsor: $300, Includes 2 Golfers & a Hole sponsorship (Includes Sign)

Hole Sponsor: $150, Includes Sign

Giveaway Sponsor: $100, You will man a hole & visit with golfers doing your own giveaway.


Dart Throw

Full Item Sponsorship, Choose from the drawing items selected by Rural Water.  RWAU will invoice you for the cost of that item.


Partial Item Sponsorship, Donate $100 or greater toward off-setting the cost of one of the prize drawing items.


Supply a Drawing Item, Donate a drawing item of $100 value or greater. (All items must be approved by RWAU.)


Event Sponsorship

Donate any amount you would like to the following events:

  • Skeet Shoot
  • Awards Banquet
  • Partner’s Program
  • General Conference Sponsor



Have an idea not listed above? Let’s talk! Email me at



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