Dart Throw / Corn Hole Prize Giveaway

Don’t miss out on the 2018 Research and Education Fund Dart Throw/Corn Hole contest!  We will have some GREAT prizes up for grabs this year. Stop by the outskirts of the Garden Room on Tuesday—Friday and choose to throw either a dart or a bean bag to earn your tickets.  Deposit tickets into one of the many prize buckets for your chance to win!

(All proceeds from the Dart Throw go toward the RWAU Research and Education Fund and are tax deductible.)

How to Play:

Visit the north hallway behind the Garden Room at the Conference Tuesday through Friday to check out the prizes and buy a dart or a bean bag to throw for tickets. then put your ticket stubs in the prize buckets in the Garden Room hallway near the play area and show up in the Garden Room on Friday at noon to see if you win!

Dart Throw or Corn Hole: in the hallway to the North East of the Garden Room, runs Tuesday—Friday

Prize Giveaway: Friday at Noon in the Garden Room

(Don’t forget to check your registration packet at the conference for your complimentary prize ticket!)

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